Another Eye-Rolling Masturbatory List of Self-Promotion… I regret nothing


Back Pains & Love Gains

Summary: Regina’s stressed and her back is killing her, Emma notices and offers to help- but Regina refuses. Eventually Regina gives in and allows the Savior to give her a massage.


Summary: Two-part one-shot (two-shot?) from tumblr: Set right after 3B, Regina is locked up in her house and wont see anyone. Emma tries to contact her, but after failing she magics herself into the mansion where she finds a drunken hot mess Regina in the bathtub. Emma cares for her, tucks her in, and cuddles happen.

Spin the Bottle

Summary: Prompt from tumblr: AU where Emma and Regina are in relationships with Ruby and Belle. They are at a dinner party and it is somehow revealed that Emma and Regina are True Loves.

It’s Not That Bad

Summary: It’s Henry’s fifth birthday and he’s requested that Regina wear a big, green dinosaur costume for his party. Emma couldn’t be more pleased. One Shot Tumblr prompt.

Comedy (Complete)

Dreams Do Come True (words: 57K)


Five years since the curse broke, Emma, Regina, and Henry meet for dinner once a week- one night Emma and Regina realize their friendly relationship may be more than either had anticipated. The two have an awkward start before dreams of their possible future together makes them realize that they maybe they should start dating, fall in love, and perhaps start a family.

Meant to be semi-care free and full of fluffs n’ some smuts.



The Ties That Bind (words: 50K)

Summary: Pre 3bx21/22 SQ. With a now powerless Zelena behind bars in the Sheriff’s station, she and Emma begin to bond over unlikely similarities. Regina notices the budding friendship and her attempts to end it backfire- plunging Emma into a world of anger and vengeance. Slow burn SQ.

Dramadey AU

Lost and Found

Summary: Regina and Emma meet at the age of 13 on a beach and become fast friends until Cora takes Regina away. 20 years later, Henry shows up in Emma’s life and tells her that she is his birth mother. Upon returning him, she discovers his adoptive mother is Regina, but much changed. Emma is determined to help Regina and prove her love.

Fairytale Land AU

Far Away Long Ago (IP)

Summary: A Swan Queen EF/AU rewrite of Anastasia. Orphaned Emma doesn’t remember that she spent the first ten years of her life as a princess in the White Kingdom. Rumpelstiltskin uses a curse that incites revolution, dismantling the monarchy and splitting up the White family. 18 years later, con artist Regina and her companion Sydney convince Anna (Emma) she’s the long lost princess. Cue Adventure.

Here you go:

This meant that I, perhaps, missed the nuance of Regina’s scenes with Robin. Which may be for the best, because Robin is rapidly developing exactly two facial expression, and while they’re both dreamy they both also seem to indicate that someone has farted and he does not like the smell.
Fempop’s review, proving that a bad show makes for more hilarious reviews (x)